Clear and bright at New Year

January 4th 2019

Happy new year to fellow boaters, bikers, and outdoors-folk.

The new year came in with quiet steely determination really;  sharp frosts and then clear blue skies.  None of that squally "easterly" wind anymore and therefore the east coast of Scotland was a calm place to paddle.

Ron, Gill and myself made a short foray up the coast from Cove bay just to shake off the Christmas puddings and Hogmanay fuzz.  It was nearly high water so not much current and most rocks were covered.  It still left some channels for rock hopping and some dark spaces to enter.

Very relaxing, and long may it continue.  We spied a few seals and a couple of dolphins.  Lots of work happening at Nigg bay for the new cruiseliner berths, and a few locals out on the cliff tops.


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