Stonehaven coastal cruising

January 16th 2017

As Aboyne still sat in a cold grey blanket, I motored over to Stonehaven harbour and had a tardy celebratory new year sea paddle.  Slack tide and very little wind meant I could go either way so I chose what we don't normally do.... and headed north.

On the way up I did the usual rock hopping and looking for caves, on the way back I carved a straight line about 500m offshore.  Other than the harbour survey boat I saw no other traffic.  But the sudden racing overtake that the four dolphins made from astern did make me jump a bit.  Another pair followed up a few seconds later.  No matter how I tried I couldn't keep up with them as they headed south across the bay.

In the main it was lovely (for January) but the air temperature started to fall as I got back to Stoney just after 15.00hrs.  It had been a good stretch out and certainly got rid of the cobwebs   (21kms,  3 1/4 hrs).

     Somewhere in this picture are 6 dolphins !