Summer sea kayak evenings again

July, Tuesday the what....

Managed to get the long boat back on the water with my friends in NESKy as the summer evenings along the Moray and East coasts were stunning.  Gentle exercise and good banter all round.  Managed on various weeks to get out at Pennan (across Troup Head to Gardenstown and back), Stonehaven for caves, and along the coast south from Cove.

At Troup Head we saw the many thousands of sea birds on their tiny perches on the cliffs - mainly razorbills and gannets just now.  And just one seal to spy on us.  Whilst on the evening run down from Cove to the Findon Survival Craft works we also saw just a few puffins.  And for some reason a gaggle of ducks were in the sea too.

About time the jelly babies were broached !