The end is nigh.....

December 31st  2017

Yes, its the end of another year.  Time to start planning next year's paddling and pedalling trips.

Just managed a wee cruise down the coast from Stonehaven this last week before xmas  -  one sunny /still afternoon and you need make the most of it.  I managed to get through 2 or 3 of the cave passages as it was within an hour of high water and calm.  Dunottar Castle looked resplendant with a wintry sun backdrop.

Got home late afternoon and the local news included an item about a Dutchman going aground on the rocks at the entrance to the Bay   (just where I'd been - he wasn't there when I looked earlier!)

Peace to all for 2018, may your paddles be long (and carbon), and your bike remain upright (apart from on berms).  Slante.